Only 6 MONTHS left until I plan to leave the USA again First to France for language school, then to Senegal!  I will have some time to learn language and culture before I’m fully engaged in our work in Senegal. But I look forward to being a teacher again and building new relationships in a new country. According to the duolingo app, I’m already 23% fluent in French! I’m not sure how reliable their measurements our considering I can say about 10 sentences. 


Hello!  I still plan to leave for Senegal by the end of December. I have a busy summer ahead but also some things to look forward to. In July I will get to meet my NEW NEPHEW who could be born at any time. This fall I will start MY LAST 4 CLASSES for my International Business degree!  I’m excited to get back to work teaching English in Africa, but for now, I’m enjoying the journey.

A New Year and New Goals…AFRICA!

Spending the holidays with my family was such a great opportunity.  I also had some opportunities to raise funds for Africa while I was back in Minnesota.  It’s a new year, and I have 3 big goals this year:

  1.  Finish my degree (I will graduate early December!)
  2. Finish raising funds for Africa
  3. Move back to Africa before the end of the year

Of course I have other personal and spiritual goals as well.  I’m back in Texas now and I am excited to spend this year in the USA visiting with all of you and sharing stories from Africa…and I look forward to a new chapter next year with a new assignment in a new country.